Posted by: fringe62 | February 1, 2013

Maiden Voyage – August 3rd

Tuesday, August 3, 1999
It’s 7:30am – I’ve been awake for awhile. 8:00 and I decide to get up. Heather wakes up when a jake brake (engine brake on trucks) roars near us as a truck drives by. Heather had given me strict instructions on the rules while in a rest area. Basically, no going anywhere after dark without her with me. And if it was too late (or too early in the morning) she had a bottle to use.

( Rest area’s are very dangerous places. If it was after 9pm or still dark in the morning, Duke got a quick walk right near the truck and I never used the restrooms. The stories I heard of men and women being mugged and/or raped by people hiding in the stalls at rest areas were enough to take extra precautions. People would also hide between the trailer and truck and mug you when you come back to the truck. )

Another cool, great day. We cross into Indiana at 9:50am, heading for Indianapolis. This area is where I had basic training in 1953 – February-June. Heather updated her logbook before we started and of course checked on fuel. 5.69 miles per gallon was the average for the previous day.
It was a long way across Indiana because of 55mph (speed limit for trucks) – police all over – 5 bears and one in the air in a 5 mile stretch of highway.
Western Ohio, Indiana and Missouri – all soybeans and corn in most areas and very flat. At Richmond, Indiana, 20-30 acres of Carpenter buses at factory. Some more rest stops – St. Louis and The Arch and on to Springfield. Supper at a Waffle House – $8.90 and we browsed at a factory store; walnut salad bowls, case of Chicago cutlery, Zippo lighters.
Heather decided she needed a nap after dinner, so it’s now 7:45 eastern time and she is in the bunk. She indicates we will get to Tulsa yet tonight by about 12-1:00am. Then, on to Oklahoma City for fuel and a shower and points further west. So far – PA., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and soon Oklahoma.

This is from a previous trip where I got to play professional tourist.

This is from a previous trip where I got to play professional tourist.

Even though Dad and I weren't able to stop here, we did go right by it.

Even though Dad and I weren’t able to stop here, we did go right by it.




  1. Don’t know how many times we traveled the route you’re describing. It all seems familiar. We like your “log”.

    • I’m sure to you two it does. How long have you been going out there for the winter? A long time! I wonder sometimes how many times I traveled that way and back while trucking. Is it any wonder that truck drivers refer to Interstates as streets, like they’re in their hometown? Instead of Interstate 40 it was always 40th street. Glad you like it.

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