Posted by: fringe62 | February 6, 2013

Maiden Voyage – August 5th

Thursday, August 5th – AM
Finally went to bed at 12:15 am last night. Woke up when we arrived at a giant truckstop near Gallup, New Mexico at 1:45am. Saw lots of cattle yesterday – 1000’s in what appeared to be a great pasture. This truckstop is quite a place – probably holds 400-500 trucks. Hookups for fax, cable tv, phone etc… at each parking space. Everything anyone could want – like an office – repair facilities, food, showers, fuel etc…

Noise – I was up twice during the night. The noise from the reefer unit is great all night long. Didn’t keep me from sleeping however.
Lights – all kinds of lights – trucks, companies etc…

We ate breakfast before we left – pancakes, eggs, coffee $8.90 is not bad. We later had a rest stop at a Walmart where Heather hit the lampost rebar and busted a tire last year (see post – “What I Want For Christmas”) We pulled out at 11:45am, 9:45 local time.
We’re now in Navajo country – billboards line the highways for jewelry and other handmade crafts. Indian homes – hogans and a few cattle. A stop near Winslow at the WalMart then on through Flagstaff past the Motel 6 where (church) mission group stayed one night. Then Williams, AZ – saw the motel up in the pines where we, Jan and I, Peggy and Max stayed two years ago (when Dad and Max were hiking the Grand Canyon and touring AZ, UT and CO).

We are now west of Kingman, AZ – 50-60 miles from Needles on the California border. Shower and change – showers are spotless. It’s 7:40pm eastern time and 5:40 here. It will soon be 4:40 pacific time.

Heather says we should be in to receiver about midnight and will go right on in so we’re in good time for unloading. At this point I’m not sure where we will eat. However I’m not really hungry. When we got here it is very hot – near 100 degrees.

We have been in and out of heavy rain all day. Heather doesn’t like to drive in the rain. I’m surprised at the greenness. I haven’t been here in summer before except in 1962?… can’t remember. The rain they have had really keeps things green.

Stop at Port of Entry right over the border. Officer wants to see Heather’s bills (of lading) and ask her where she’s going, where she came from and what she’s hauling. She told me that if it was any kind of plants we’d have to pull over and be inspected. One time she brought in some bulbs that were going to a bunch of different Home Depot stores all over southern CA. She had to pull over and wait while an officer climbed up in the trailer and inspected every pallet she had on there. Because so much of what we eat comes from CA, they are very particular about what comes in and out of their state. If they had found any bugs or fungus or anything suspicious on or in the bulbs they wouldn’t let you deliver the load.  (story continues below California Port of Entry picture)

California Port of Entry on Interstate 40, near Needles.

California Port of Entry on Interstate 40, near Needles.

We stopped in Vernon, California to have the truck washed last night about 12:00. Took about one and one half hours with a 1/2 wait. They really do a good job. Spanish or Indian (workers). $55.00

(I almost always washed my truck once into CA and before heading inland. In CA, a clean truck looks like a well-taken care of truck and less likely to lead to inspections at the many weigh stations they have all over the state.)

The manager said they did 32 trucks the previous night – 60+ a day at $55. Not bad.
We then had 2 hours to Los Angeles. I slept for an hour then sat up for the last hour plus 20 miles down the mountain into San Bernadino. We see two huge truckstops – the only ones in the LA area. CB is impossible (to listen to… too much chatter and crap).

We get into the general area to unload and after the third time around the area we find the street where the receiver, JJ Snacks is. Heather checks in and backs the trailer in at odd angle area and we sleep. It is 3:30am pacific time. At 5:30 they begin to unload (the trailer). Completed about 6:30. I turn the reefer unit off. Heather signs out and begins to debate if we should get out into rush hour traffic. It’s almost 7:00 pacific time. She makes a few phone calls about pick ups.

The trip from Scranton to our delivery in CA is 2739 miles. PA, OH, IN, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, CA.


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