Posted by: fringe62 | March 1, 2013

Maiden Voyage – August 6th

RETURN TRIP – August 6th – Friday:
(After loading up I normally would have cut back down and across from Bakersfield through Tahachapi, CA and back across Interstate 40. I decided however to continue up Interstate 5 and come back out from Sacramento and across Interstate 80. This meant going a few hundred miles out of my way and burning up close to 60 extra gallons of fuel but I wanted my dad to see some different scenery and decided it would be worth it.)

San Joaquin Valley as seen from the top of "The Grapevine" - Interstate 5

San Joaquin Valley as seen from the top of “The Grapevine” – Interstate 5

North through San Joaquin Valley on Interstate 5 we saw thousands of acres of grapes, peaches, alfalfa and several large dairy herds of several hundred cows each. At Perlier we loaded 43,000 lbs of nectarines and moved on to a truckstop to weigh the load which was okay. Walked to the edge of the parking lot to get grape pictures and sank into the soil over my shoe. It is very sandy and without water the whole valley would become a desert.

( Here is a link to a video that shows how long and twisty “The Grapevine” is.  This video starts in the town of Grapevine and heads up the mountain [south on I5]  )  PS – I did not make this video.


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