Posted by: fringe62 | March 5, 2013

Maiden Voyage – August 8th

8:00 (6am central time) – Heather starts the engine. We stopped at 2:00 this morning at a road-side rest stop. It was nearly full. One spot left. She is great at maneuvering this big truck into small spots. We’re in a red-rock canyon and heading for Rawlins, Wyoming to meet her friend Ronnie for breakfast. Sign says Cheyenne is 404 miles.

New “Port of Entry” is like weigh scales in other states.  Have to pull in, park and walk in with your papers – registration, license, bills of lading and talk to the people behind the counter… “May I see your papers please?  Where are you going?  What are you hauling?”

Evanston, Wyoming Port of Entry

Evanston, Wyoming Port of Entry

It’s cold this morning – steam is rising off the water along the road.  Clear and cold, like a fall day. Heater is on and feels good.  Fueled up in Evanston – $1.18 – up .07 in four days.  Cattle – little doggies.  Lots of cattle in Wyoming.

We pass a Covenant Transport truck out of Chattanooga, TN – “It’s not a choice.  It’s a child” (is painted on their trailers).

Snowfences along highway are 12-14 feet high.  Arrived at Rawlins at 12:20 eastern time after 250 miles since daybreak.  Time for breakfast.  Had breakfast with Ronnie.  Cakes and eggs again.

It’s now 5:20pm and we just fueled up East of Cheyenne for $1.14 per gallon.  Wyoming is green and great!  Lots of cattle.  Lots of grass.

Just heard a news report that over a million acres have burned from the wildfires in Nevada.

Cross into Nebraska.  Stopped at Cabela’s in Sidney, Nebraska about 4:45pm local time.  Lots of truck parking and the store is open until 6:00pm.  What a store!  It’s larger than LL Bean and whatever you need in sports of all kinds they have it.  The animal mounts are spectacular.  Hundreds of them, from birds to pheasants and quail and deer, bear, antelope and more!  Sidney is where Cabela’s has their corporate headquarters.

A lot of taxidermy going on inside the Cabela's store in Sidney, Nebraska

A lot of taxidermy going on inside the Cabela’s store in Sidney, Nebraska

The front of the Sidney, Nebraska Cabela's store

The front of the Sidney, Nebraska Cabela’s store

Heather has been here before so she slept most of the time I was in the store.  I ate some supper at the cafeteria they have inside.  Came back out to the truck, read some of my book and when Heather woke up we began trucking in earnest.

I finally went to bed after midnight.  Heather is still going strong.  A couple of rest stops for hot water for her coffee and we keep moving.  Heather likes to drive at night.   (scales are usually closed at night – if I had gone to bed and waited until the next day there were several weigh stations to pass and they would have been open – without looking at the map or mileage I can tell I was probably majorly out of hours for driving by this time and would have had to do some creative logging 101 in my logbook to get by the scales – better to get by them while they’re closed and let my logbook hours catch up with where I am while I sleep)

I wake up and it’s 2:15am and we’re still moving.  Finally at about 3:00am, after passing a state weigh scale area, Heather pulls into a rest area and after carefully parking she said it was time for bed.  We are 20 miles from Omaha, Nebraska.  No air on – just open windows (in the bunk area the windows can’t be reached from the ground so I didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking into the truck).  It’s about 60 degrees.  Great for sleeping without the truck running.  Heather saves on fuel when possible and even on very cold nights she has a heating blanket type thing that is made to go under the bunk sheet.  It plugs into the cigarette lighter in the bunk and keeps her very warm so she doesn’t have to burn fuel to keep the truck warm.  The truck burns about 1.5 gallons per hour just idling to use the air conditioning or heater.  She says the worst part is having to jump out of bed to turn on the truck so it warms up enough for her to get dressed.


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