Posted by: fringe62 | July 13, 2013

A Random Phone Call

birthday picture“What a beautiful April day” I thought as I looked out across the landscape on either side of Interstate 80.  I glanced over at my dog Duke, sitting up in the jump seat.  He pawed at the window to indicate he wanted it rolled down.  So I pushed the switch and with a contented sigh he curled up on the seat with his chin resting on the window ledge and his ears flapping in the wind.  The almost warm air filled the cab and smelled as green as the grass that stretched for as far as I could see across the Nebraska plains, rippling in the never-ending breeze.

It was almost suppertime so I pulled into the Petro Truck Stop in North Platte.  I grabbed a book and my logbook, walked into the driver section of the restaurant and settled into a corner booth.  Instead of soup or a sandwich to go – to be eaten or sipped while driving, I decided that I would take the time to actually sit and eat a meal, because today, I would order dessert!

I placed my order with the waitress and buried my nose in a book to thwart off any attempts by other drivers to make smalltalk.  Even though it didn’t always work, I tried to make my whole demeanor shout “not interested in talking to you” and “leave me alone” when I ate in restaurants.

I finished my meal without being bothered by any lonely drivers, paid the bill, walked to my truck and grabbed Duke’s leash out of the door pocket.  Time for a quick walk around the parking lot before taking off again.  I snapped the leash to his collar and as he jumped down from the cab and I shut the door I heard my cell phone start ringing.  I climbed back up into the truck and grabbed it off the dash.  It was my sister.  My parents, my brother and a few close friends had all called me today.

“I guess she finally looked at the calendar” I thought as I answered.

“Hey Heathie.  Where are you?” she asked.

“Nebraska” I answered as Duke and I slowly walked the parking lot perimeter.

“Weather nice?” she asked.

“Beautiful” I answered.  “What are you up to?”

“Oh, I’m just finishing up some housecleaning while I’m waiting for Connor to get up from his nap.  Nothing much” she said.  “What are you doing?  It doesn’t sound like you’re driving.”

“I’m not” I said.  “I decided to stop and have a decent meal for a change.  I even had some pie and ice cream for dessert!”

“Well, that sounds good” she said.  “Oh, I hear him up.  Gotta go!  Drive safe.  Love ya”

“Okay” I said.  “Love you too” and then realized the line was dead.

I started laughing out loud.  I guess she hadn’t looked at a calendar after all and my mention of pie and ice cream obviously hadn’t been enough of a clue.  I knew she’d call me later, or tomorrow, and be all apologetic, especially since I’d have to call my Mom and jokingly tell her about MB’s call.  But for today, my sister had forgotten – to call and wish me a Happy Birthday!



  1. Awee I’m sorry I will wish u A HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOREVER

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