Posted by: fringe62 | July 20, 2014

Talk About a Swag Wagon – I’d Look Good Driving One of These – But…

Photo courtesy of Colani

Jim wants to take me up to where he works and let me drive one of the new I-shift Volvo’s that he sells.  It’s completely automatic, almost like driving a car.  You put it in drive – off you go!  As you step on the fuel or brake it automatically up-shifts or downshifts.

There’s nothing like the comfort of driving a Volvo either.  Every guy I ever talked to that drove a Volvo loved it.  Smooth was the word I heard most often.  Especially those that were running team – one person sleeping while the other was driving and then switch.  When you have to try and get some sleep on the bumpy, cracked, pothole-ridden Interstates and roads in this country, a smooth ride would be worth the investment.  I’m sure you’ve all see the Volvo commercial that came out last year with Jean-Claude Van Damme?  That shows not only how smooth that ride can be but let’s not forget the skill of the drivers helping with that stunt.  To see the full story (and the look on Jean-Claude’s face when he’s shown what the stunt is) of how and why this commercial was set up, click here.

I love looking at trucks like in the link below and wonder what it would be like to drive them.  And I am interested in how the I-shift works and would love to try it.  And if I were an owner-operator driving today, with fuel bouncing off of $5.00 per gallon, something like this would probably be worth looking into.

But, I loved the 13 speed transmission in my trucks!  I love shifting!  It was the scariest part to learn (especially going up steep hills – if you missed the gear you’d be stopped on the road, with a car right on your bumper of course – so don’t drift backwards!) but a part of driving that I liked.  Not learning to shift well is a huge waste of fuel so I can understand the “dumbing down” of trucks to automatic transmissions.  It saves on fuel and a company can recruit drivers easier because it’s now easier to drive a truck.

So, I’m rather torn about all this new-fangled technology.  I guess I won’t have to worry about it any time soon.  While I ponder the pros and cons, the article that tells all about the trucks in the picture above is very interesting and can be found by clicking here.



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