Why The Title “Rubies In My Mirror”?

I’ve been asked several times what this title means so here’s the explanation.

I was an over-the-road truck driver for several years.  I’ve told many road stories to friends and family over the years and have been told many, many times that I should write them down.  I’ve finally decided to do that by way of this blog.

I’m a night owl so I did most of my driving at night and into the early morning hours.  Placed in the pavement of the interstates, on the white dotted lines that separate the two lanes are reflectors.  When your headlights hit them at night they reflect white to show you where the divider is between the two lanes in whatever direction you’re traveling.  Most people don’t realize that these same reflectors are red on the back side.  If you happen to get on the interstate going in the wrong direction at night these reflectors will glow red to tell you to stop.

Not too long after I started driving truck I was heading East on an interstate and the sun had just started to rise.  As I crested a hill I happened to glance in my side mirror and the sun caught the red on the back side of those reflectors.  It looked like someone had scattered rubies right down the middle of the highway.  It was beautiful!

These stories are like those rubies on that highway.  I’m just throwing them out there for anyone that might be interested and hope they bring as much fun and laughter to you as you read them as they do to me as I write them.



  1. nice, it must have really looked pretty

    • It was very pretty when I saw it. Hard to explain though 🙂

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